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You + Us

With us you will have a highly qualified staff of technical writers with 20+ years of experience working throughout the Washington D.C. local and federal governments and for Fortune 500 Companies.  Our staff of writers will create, assimilate and convey technical material in a concise and effective manner.

To create effective technical documentation, our writers analyze the three elements which form the rhetorical situation of a particular project:  audience, purpose and context.  

Among the successful accomplishments on all of our projects:

  • Simplifying complex concepts or processes to maximize reader comprehension

  • Analyzing the purpose to understand the document's goal

  • Focusing on Document Design in order to plan and create technical communication, i.e. arrangement, emphasis, clarity, conciseness, tone and ethos

Our Methodology

To create a technical document, our technical writers research the subject, purpose, and audience for all of our projects.  We then gather information by studying existing material and interviewing assigned contacts.  We also study the audience to learn their needs and level of technical understanding.