The Coles Group's vision for workforce, training and professional development is to execute and deliver well-designed, responsive professional development training programs and services to engaged and knowledgeable learners.


General classes

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Building High-Performance Teams

Teamwork is critical for any organization. Managers must not only find the right people for the right role, but they must also ensure that the right people are working together effectively. By understanding how teams function and how individuals will work together on tasks, leaders can optimize the teams within their organization. It’s important to select the right mix of people for each task and provide them the right tools and environment for achieving the desired results. In this course participants will learn how aligning team members, purpose, goals, roles, expectations, diversity and strengths to optimize team effectiveness and cross-team collaboration delivers real business results.

Course Duration: 2 Days


Communications Skills

In today’s world communication skills are key at all levels. To be a key contributor in your organization, you need well-developed communication and professional skills. This interactive workshop focuses on various forms of communication skills; covering various topics such as appropriate workplace communication, conflict resolution, public speaking, listening and memory development, effective communication with customers, colleagues and much more.  

Course Duration: 2 Days


Conflict Resolution & Management 

Conflict is apart of everyday life whether it’s at home or work! This course is designed to identify the nature of conflict and the role conflict plays in an organization. The Coles Group -- through interactive and engaging group activities, self-assessments and discussion -- provides learning opportunities for participants to identify and recognize the constructive and destructive natures of conflict, appropriately react to a conflict situation, effectively communicate through the exchange, and explore methodologies to effectively manage and resolve conflicts. Participants also gain insight into their personal styles for responding to conflict so they can better understand how to handle and work through conflict to achieve desired outcomes for the organization as well as themselves.  

Course Duration: 2 Day


Moving Beyond Customer Service

In today’s workplace everyone needs customer service! Front-line customer service is obvious. People who interact directly with a customer must have a skill-set and mindset to meet or exceed a customer’s expectations. The Coles Group designed this workshop to address the more important traits and abilities required to provide the optimal experience for the customer; such as friendliness, empathy, communication skills, problem solving, patience and more.  

Course Duration: 2 Days

DISC Profile

This training program will help you identify the right people, reduce conflict, improve your leadership and communication skills and unleash team performance. DISC is a model of human behavior that helps people understand why they do what they do. The dimensions of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance make up the model and interact with other personality factors to describe human behavior.  

Course Duration: 2 Days

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are all around us in the workplace and it's important for leaders to understand how to harness them to cultivate productivity and positive relationships. In this course, The Coles Group focuses on learning and development and demonstrates to participants how to develop emotional intelligence to better lead teams, work with peers, and manage up. Learn what emotional intelligence is and how it factors in at work and discover concrete techniques for raising your own emotional quotient (EQ). This includes perceiving yourself accurately, exercising emotional self- control, practicing resilience, and developing empathy. During this workshop participants will turn those lessons around to build awareness of others and learn to inspire helpful communication and manage conflict.

Course Duration: 1.5 Days


Interviewing Skills That Seal The Deal

So, you have landed an interview for a seemingly wonderful job! Now what? Successful interviewing is essential in order to lock in an offer. The right interviewing skills will help participants get hired. In this skills-building workshop, The Coles Group will train participants using tips and strategies for effective interviewing, from preparation through delivery.  

Course Duration: 1-2 Days


Powerful Presentation Skills

Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across and, today, presentation skills are required in almost every field, especially in leadership. Whether you are a student, administrator or executive, if you wish to start up your own business, apply for a grant or stand for an elected position, you may very well be asked to make a presentation. The Coles Group understands this can be a very daunting prospect. Our workshop is designed to help the participant develop winning presentation skills.  

Course Duration: 1-2 Days


Problem Solving For Results

We are all faced with problems — solving them effectively is an essential skill. In this problem- solving course offered by The Coles Group you will learn a systematic process for problem solving: understanding them, attacking them and resolving them. The program gives an overall framework: Strategize, Plan, Do and Review. The framework will teach the participant how to benefit from a range of simple but effective models that will support effective problem resolution.  

Course Duration: 1-2 Days

Rock Your Resumes! Resumes 101 & Beyond

A resume is often a hiring manager's first impression of the candidate. In this interactive workshop The Coles Group brings current, relevant information to the audience via a workforce professional and a senior level hiring professional who will provide guidance on content, creating a winning resume, helpful phrases that raise the hiring manager’s curiosity and advice on how to transform an ordinary resume into one that will leave a lasting impression and open doors.  

Course Duration: 1-2 Days

Power Networking

Networking is a critical skill for career success, but finding the time and confidence to make it happen is not always easy. In this workshop participants will join The Coles Group in a relaxed and comfortable setting designed to help participants become skilled networkers.

Course Duration: 1.5 Days

Workplace Readiness 101

As a standard practice, the Coles Group provides soft skills and work readiness training via workshops and interactive sessions to all new, entry level employees and to workers who have been absent from the workforce for some time. This preparatory exercise supports their acclimation to the world of work, professionalism, successful onboarding and overall success in new employment opportunities. The Coles Group's work readiness workshops enable jobseekers to take positive steps towards realizing their career plans and teaches them how to explore and follow up on employment opportunities. The soft skills and work readiness activities provide active, practical and participative supports under the guidance and supervision of an experienced facilitator.  

Course Duration: 5 Days


Hospitality & Convention Workshop

The targeted audience, which includes minorities, women and veterans preparing to work in the hospitality and convention services, will enter a field that is quickly evolving. The rise of the global economy, ecotourism, internet commerce and changing consumer demands are just some of the factors employees will be dealing with in this exciting and dynamic industry. This workshop series will give the students the foundation they need to thrive in today’s hospitality industry, covering everything from finance and operational issues to food service, lodging, and tourism. The workshop series will allow the students to become completive key players and leaders in the hospitality industry.

Course Duration: 12 weeks


Introduction To Spanish In The Workplace

This 6-week program is designed for anyone wanting to learn to communicate conversationally in Spanish. No prior competency in the Spanish language is required. Ideal for co-workers in a diverse language environment as well as English-speaking supervisors of Hispanic employees. Participants will learn and practice words and phrases commonly used in the workplace.  

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Introduction To Digital Photography

Aimed at those with little or no knowledge of digital photography. This 6-week course will start with the very basics, dispelling the myths and busting the jargon. You will cover key camera operations, digital workflows, backing up your work and printing to a digital printer.  

Course Duration: 6 weeks

HCCP & Food Safety Culinary Training for Food Services Staff

This training will provide students with the knowledge to understand the importance of Food Safety. In addition, The Coles Group will address food safety, personal hygiene, food-borne illness, cross contamination, washing, rinsing & the sanitizing of food contact surfaces, equipment, as well as manual dish-washing with a 3 & 2 compartment sink.  

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Math Test Preparation

Empower Math Series CASAS Preparation/Remediation. In this series, students develop useful mathematics skills through real life exercises. They investigate concepts, work collaboratively, share ideas orally and in writing, and discover multiple ways to solve problems. The full curriculum comprises eight non-sequential units emphasizing whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percent’s, proportions, geometry and measurement, algebra, and data and graphs.  

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Health Care classes


Medical Assistant

Learn to work in an ambulatory care setting and perform front and back office procedures. Curriculum approved by the National Health Career Association (NHA), and offers the following certifications: Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA).

Subjects discussed in this course include: Medical Terminology, Introduction to health, Introduction to health care systems, Professional preparation for health care workers, basic math skills for health care workers, anatomy and physiology, basic patient intake, medical front desk, medical billing, pharmacology, medicine administration, phlebotomy and EKG.  

Course Duration: 10 weeks


Patient Care Technician

Also known as a multi-skilled technician or a nurse-support technician. Review the basic skills learned in CNA courses and learn new skills necessary to become a Nursing Support or Patient Care Technician. Skills include trach care, wound care, Foley catheters, NG Tubes, ostomy care and tube feeding. Phlebotomy and EKG are also learned in this course.  

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Prerequisites: CNA in good standing with the State Board of Nursing

Phlebotomy Technician

Learn to collect blood and body fluid specimens used in throat cultures, urinalysis and stool cultures and prepare samples for testing in a lab. Gain an overview of the anatomy and physiology of the various systems that require specimen collection, processing and handling of specimens and laboratory operations. Successful completion of Venipuncture and Specimen Collection Techniques and Venipuncture and Specimen Collection Clinical is necessary to meet the eligibility requirements to sit for the national certification exam with National Health career Association. Subjects discussed in this course include: Medical terminology, basic anatomy of the cardiovascular system, venipuncture & specimen collection techniques.  

Course Duration: 7 weeks

EKG Technician

Prepare for the National Certification as an EKG Technician with this in-depth course. Obtain introductory knowledge of cardiac anatomy and physiology, including basic cardiac anatomy, patient preparation and patient confidentiality. Learn to identify irregularities of the heart and distinguish more complex arrhythmia. Emphasis is on complex heart rhythms, electrical disturbances, disorders and pacemakers.

Course Duration: 5 weeks

Medical Admin. Assistant/Medical Office Assistant

This program trains you to work in a physician's office. Gain the fundamental skills through both teacher-led and hands-on learning experiences. Practice patient registration/scheduling, charge entry, payment posting, accounts receivable follow-up, electronic claim submission and financial report generation. Customer service, HIPAA, health insurance guidelines, and bioethical issues will be addressed.  

Course Duration: 3 weeks

EHR Specialist

Health IT professionals (EHR Specialists or EHR Analysts) assist hospitals and medical practices in the process of transitioning from paper to electronic health records (EHRs) and play an important role in the ongoing use of these systems. They provide practice and provider level support, technical assistance, and training for new users. Learn more about the American health care system from the view of both provider and patient. Find out about the impact that managed care has on the quality of care, different types of health insurance and providers and their roles in the delivery system. Gain an overview of the Health Information Technology field. Topics to be covered include the integration of technology into health care, the role of electronic medical records (EMR's) in patient care, and an introduction to the functions of an EMR system in various health care settings. Examine the legalities and ethics of the health care delivery system. Learn how EHR systems are selected and implemented. Students receive experience with an actual EHR system.  

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Medical Billing Specialist

Prepare for national certification through the National Health Career Association (NHA). This training uses MediSoft software for data entry, billing, payments, generating reports and sending claims electronically. Learn computerized medical billing procedures, including how to enter patient information, patient demographics and charges, and how to post patient and insurance payments. Gain a fundamental knowledge of medical insurance billing, claims processing, major insurance carriers, managed care, accounts receivable management, and the basics of coding.

Course Duration: 7 weeks


Medical Coding

Processing medical claims is big business and a key need in today's workplace. Accurate medical coding is essential to the delivery of quality health care and efficient health care administration. Learn fundamental knowledge of ICD, CPT & HCPCS coding. This course will assist coders in developing an in-depth understanding of complex coding conventions, terminology and rules for ICD & CPT. Students will also gain extensive training in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and pharmacology.  

Course Duration: 17 weeks total (split into 3 modules)

ICD-10 Review

There's more to ICD-10 than just learning a new code set and upgrading your software. The transition will affect every aspect of your practice and/or health care facility. This course provides 16 hours of comprehensive ICD-10-CM training with evaluation exercises and case studies to assess your proficiency with the new code set. This training covers a brief history of the ICD-10 transition, the differences between ICD-9 & ICD-10, the specific format changes, the coding conventions and GEMS conversion stats before diving into the ICD-10-CM Alphabetic Index and Tabular Index while covering the major chapter changes. The reading assignments will be specialty specific, to give you a further understanding of the changes and how to implement them in the workplace.  

Course Duration: 3 weeks

Introduction To Health Care

This course is wonderful for someone who has had no previous exposure to clinical or administrative health care. We cover a broad range of basic health-related topics, including health principles and how cultural differences are related to wellness. Learn about drug use and misuse; nutrition and fitness; causes of, and treatments for diseases and loss and grief. Learn more about the American health care system from the view of both provider and patient. Find out about the impact that managed care has on the quality of care, different types of health insurance and providers and their roles in the delivery system. Examine the legalities and ethics of the health care delivery system.

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Medical Terminology

This medical terminology course covers the medical language and terminology used by health care professionals everywhere. In easy to review lessons, you'll find our user- friendly format will give you a solid foundation in medical language. You will analyze individual word parts such as prefixes, suffixes and word roots, along with learning body system dynamics, basic medical language, body orientation, health, wellness, and disease terms. You will learn the basic components of medical terminology as it relates to each body system.

Course Duration: 3 weeks

Law & Ethics For Health Care Professionals

This course is perfect for any health care worker as it illustrates the numerous legal and ethical issues that health care professionals face every day. The topics are derived from real-life experiences and dilemmas from a variety of health care practitioners. Through the use of Learning Outcomes, Key Terms, Ethics Issues, Chapter Reviews, Case Studies, Internet Activities, Court Cases, and Video Vignettes, students hear from health care practitioners in various locations throughout the United States as they encounter legal and ethical problems and situations. Students will practice critical thinking skills to decide how to resolve the real-life situations or theoretical scenarios, determine why the court made a particular ruling and decide how the issues are relevant to the health care profession they will encounter today.  

Course Duration: 5 weeks

Health Policy & The Affordable Care Act

In March 2010, the Affordable Care Act was enacted. Over the next decade or more, the Act will dramatically restructure the American health care system. This course will explore the history and structure of the current American health care system, including the history of and problems with employment-based health insurance, the challenges surrounding access, cost and quality, and the medical malpractice conundrum. The course will then explore the history of health care reform and the challenges that were overcome to achieve health reform in America. Finally, we will delineate the specific ways that the Affordable Care Act improves access and quality and will control costs. Throughout, lessons regarding health economics, health policy, and medical practice will be elucidated.

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Health Insurance & Managed Care

This course presents an overview of major issues related to the design, function, management, regulation, and evaluation of health insurance and managed care plans. The course provides a firm foundation in basic concepts pertaining to private and public sector health insurance/benefit plans, both as provided by employers and government agencies such as Medicaid and Medicare. Key topics include population care management techniques, provider payment, organizational integration, quality and accountability, cost-containment, and public policy. The course makes extensive use of outside experts. It is relevant for management- or policy-oriented students who will be working in, or interrelating with, public and private (both for-profit and not-for-profit) health insurance plans and organized delivery systems such as HMOs and hospital/physician "integrated" delivery systems. The course is also relevant to students who will be researching and analyzing these systems.  

Course Duration: 3 weeks

HIPAA Privacy & Security

Health care providers are subject to numerous state and federal laws addressing the use and disclosure of an individual’s health information. This course is designed to cover every aspect of HIPAA and equip employees with the knowledge to conform to its required standards. This course is taught in two parts. 

Part 1: HIPAA Privacy Rule. The following will be discussed during this portion of the course: Introduction to HIPAA, Important Definitions associated with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Information Covered by the Privacy Rule, How to Handle Requests for PHI, Appropriate Use and Disclosure under the Privacy Rule, Patient Rights under the Privacy Rule, and Privacy Practices and Breaches of Confidentiality

Part 2: HIPAA Security Rule. The following will be discussed during this portion of the course: Introduction to the HIPAA Security Rule, Why Do We Need the Security Rule?, Who Does the Security Rule Apply To?, How Does an Organization Comply with the Security Rule?, and How Does an Employee Comply with the Security Rule?

Course Duration: 8 hours

OSHA Safety Training For Health Care Workers

This information-packed workshop offers the cost-effective solutions you need to keep your people safe-and to keep OSHA inspectors off your doorstep! You’ll get a comprehensive update on the very latest in OSHA’s ever-changing requirements. During this workshop you will gain an understanding of the following: Workplace Bloodborne Pathogens, Spill Clean-up, Back Safety for healthcare, Medical Hand Washing, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Course Duration: 8 hour